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ROAR! Mince Pies Xmas Exhibition

Opening night tomorrow from 5.30pm to 7.00pm, this is our final exhibition as ROAR! Gallery will be closing its doors on the 5th of December.

Come along and support our talented artists.

So many stunning works to choose from!! Great Xmas presents or treat yourself 😉

Everything is $150.00 and under.



I am writing to you to cordially invite you to MIX's annual exhibition 'Arising'  at the Roar Gallery, Wellington. Join us on our opening night on the 5th November from 5.30pm-7pm. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of 2020, this exhibition is a celebration of the creative output of our artists in what has been a challenging year for many people. 
We are particularly excited to be able to open this exhibition in level 1. There will be a wonderful range of affordable artworks available for sale including paintings, ceramics, digital prints, and more.
We will be serving complimentary nibbles and drinks and at 5.30pm to open our event there will be a performance from our very own MIX ukulele orchestra bringing sweet music to your ears...a treat not to be missed! 

Pablos Annual Art Auction 2020

The well-known Pablos Art Auction is the creative space’s major annual fundraising event. This year it will be held in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery on Thursday 12th of November, with viewing from 5pm and the auction beginning at 6.30pm.
The auction is a big deal for Pablos. For its artists, it’s a chance to give something back to the organisation that offers free access to an art studio, materials and tutor support for people who have experienced mental ill-health or become socially isolated.
Tickets on sale 

Lost In Our Escape

Nic Aagaard is from Wellington and is the Principal Advisor of Ethics to the Ministry of Health. 

In 2019 he started painting in his living room in an effort to manage the stress and anxiety of life and work in a healthier way (with mixed results).

When starting out he was inspired by the New Zealand artist Toby Raine, experimenting with heavy impasto painting styles to create pieces that are big, bold and textured.

Nic’s painting has themes of death, addiction, bureaucracy, anxiety and beauty.

Lost in our escape represents running from problems and getting lost along the way.

This is his first exhibition. 


Join us at the opening 5.30pm Thursday 27th August to view the works and meet the artists. A Comic and Cartoon inspired exhibition. Revel in the joy of wonky characters with wacky attributes. This Exhibition is part of Mental Health Awareness week.

Gordon Harris Staff Group Show

Gordon Harris Staff Group Exhibition

30th July – 22rd August 2020

A group show featuring an eclectic range of work from the team at Gordon Harris Wellington - Michael Hodge, Leah Reilly, Jamie Mackman, Yvette Keene, Nikki Lewis, Clare Marlow-Eilbeck, Georgette Brown, Bella Cole & Toni Lane.

When they are not assisting the broad spectrum of customers that walk through the doors at Gordon Harris Art Supplies, the staff spends their own time indulging in a diverse range of practices.

Painters, Photographers, Illustrators, Sculptors, art and design students, graduates, WOW entrants, Award winners… The diversity of styles amongst the 9 of them has produced a visually rich body of work.

Join us at Roar! Gallery, now situated down Left bank Arcade off Cuba St, on the opening night 5.30pm – 7pm Thursday 30th July to meet the artists and enjoy some wine & nibbles!

Regrowth by Jason Fastier

‘Regrowth’ is a series of artworks exploring an alternate ‘surreal’ reality in which nature has reclaimed man-made settings in bizarre and alien-like formations. 

Created in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, where many observed the natural world flourish due to a brief break from the regular environmental destruction of today’s modern world. Each work depicts New Zealand scenery and native plant-life, giving a snapshot into a world where nature is allowed the freedom to regrow into something new.

Covid Free by David Boyle

I paint for my own personal escapism and to offer the door to days of romance and adventure to others. I like to stick to themes- British policemen, nuns, Alice in Wonderland but I always return to women on large motorcycles and the jungle adventures because they delight me personally. Sometimes mothers buy them for them for their children and they tell me the kids take them with them when they leave home. The thought someone grew up with one of my pictures and still liked it as a teenager is very rewarding.

Covid - 19

16 March 2020

COVID – 19. Notification to Pablo’s Art Studio Staff, Artists, Caregivers and Visitors

Over the weekend the Government has taken significant action to limit the spread of Covid19, and two more cases confirmed in NZ, including one in Wellington. As the situation evolves, risk factors and preventative actions (recommended by the Ministry of Health) should be noted:

• Every staff member and artist will be required to wash their hands on entering the studio. There is soap and handitowels in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Staff and public will be required to wash hands on entering the gallery. Please wash hands for at least 20 seconds, and dry thoroughly. Please regularly wash your hands while in the studio.

• Any artists or staff that have returned from overseas, or live with someone who has returned from overseas in the last two weeks (from March 2) are required to stay away from Pablo’s premises for a period of two weeks.

• If you are feeling unwell or are displaying any symptoms, (sneezing, coughing, high temperature, shortness of breath), please call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or your GP and follow their advice. If you are at Pablo’s and begin to experience the above symptoms please leave Pablo’s premises immediately and call Healthline or your GP.

• Limit contact with others on Pablo’s premises, for example do not shake hands, hug or kiss others.

• Clean and disinfect frequently used communal surfaces and objects – doorknobs, cooking and eating surfaces.

• For staff engaged in outreach programs, please refer to the plans and requirements of outreach agencies.

Please refer to the Ministry of Health website www.health.govt.nz for further information. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

Pablo’s Staff and Committee

March - Carnival

Open hours

Open hours are Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 10-5.00pm 


We are closed Saturday,Sunday & Monday.

Auction Tickets 2019

Tickets are now available in the gallery $20.00

Sorry no doors sales as we have sold out.

Pablos Annual Art Auction

Sorry there will be no door sales as we have sold out.


Reece by Reece

Exhibition 5th of September to 19th

Reece was born and raised in Taranaki where he originally found his passion for art while he was in school. He then made the move to Wellington as he wanted a change in his life and soon came to Pablo’s in 2009. Art, he recalls is part of his life and absolutely loves it. Through the use of paints and water colour he acknowledges aspects of the environment, nature such as his pieces on leaves and lemons, and animals.

With the help of Chris his tutor, his pieces started to add up and soon realised he had enough for an exhibition of his own “Reece by Reece”.

Reece is proud of what he has accomplished and hopes to sell some pieces and enjoy his moment.

Gordon Harris Staff Show

Great show a must see!

FUNKY FIGURES EXHIBITION - Tuesday April 16th to Monday April 29th



Inspired by the work of Tetsuo Aoki

Artworks created in a workshop block run by Morag Stokes at Pablos Art Studios.

During this workshop block we looked at the works of Japanese wood engraver Tetsuo Aoki for ideas and inspiration. He makes wood block prints of people with unreal proportions and works with black, white and greys.  He makes action packed compositions with his funky figures, so we had a go at something similar.

We made a selection of stylised drawings of the clothed human figure in different poses (We used volunteers for this).

We played with unusual proportions, like very small heads, big feet or hands etc. We learned about stylising ‘people poses’, using them to make dynamic drawing compositions with the help of tracing paper and paper cut-outs.

We worked with a single colour in the medium of your choice (paint, ink, coloured pencils etc), and learned about creating bold tonal variations from those colours.

The artists really enjoyed this workshop and took the works to different places with interesting and surprising results.

Temple by Joanna Grant Mackie



April 2019 - open for the whole month

Solo Exhibition

Don’t miss out on these exciting new works from Johanna Grant Mackie.

Official exhibition opening on Thursday the 11th of April from 12:30 to 1:30. Hope to see you there!

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