Inspired by the work of Tetsuo Aoki

Artworks created in a workshop block run by Morag Stokes at Pablos Art Studios.

During this workshop block we looked at the works of Japanese wood engraver Tetsuo Aoki for ideas and inspiration. He makes wood block prints of people with unreal proportions and works with black, white and greys.  He makes action packed compositions with his funky figures, so we had a go at something similar.

We made a selection of stylised drawings of the clothed human figure in different poses (We used volunteers for this).

We played with unusual proportions, like very small heads, big feet or hands etc. We learned about stylising ‘people poses’, using them to make dynamic drawing compositions with the help of tracing paper and paper cut-outs.

We worked with a single colour in the medium of your choice (paint, ink, coloured pencils etc), and learned about creating bold tonal variations from those colours.

The artists really enjoyed this workshop and took the works to different places with interesting and surprising results.