ROAR! gallery is a not-for-profit exhibition space that supports artists with limited access to traditional dealer galleries. ROAR! gallery is dedicated to the sale and promotion from Pablos Art Studios. Pablos is a creative environment that aims to empower people who have had an experience of mental ill health.

We exhibit art motivated by personal concerns and histories. The work is original, vibrant, fresh, and affordable.

Visit ROAR! gallery at 189 Vivian Street, (near the corner of Vivian & Victoria St) Wellington City. Exhibitions open on the first Thursday night of each month.

ROAR! gallery exterior photograph


Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 11am - 2pm
Sunday: Closed


Phone: (04) 385 7602
Fax: (04) 382 8632
Email: roar.gallery@pablosart.org.nz

Pablos Art Studios 

Funds raised by the sale of art through ROAR! Gallery go directly to the artists and help run Pablos Art Studios:

Pablos Art Studios Incorporated is a community organisation that provides free art materials, studio space, tuition and support to people who have an experience of mental illness.

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