Exhibit at ROAR! gallery

Here at ROAR! gallery we like to provide opportunities for exhibitions for artists in the wider community. If you think you connect with our artists and or have an affinity to the artwork they produce and or feel like you can contribute through your own art to this community, ROAR! gallery may be just the kind of space for you to show your work.

Please look at the following pages to get an idea as to what we are looking for.

Arts Access Aotearoa.

RAW Vision Magazine.


Is ROAR! the right place for you to show your work?

We are interested in paintings, drawings, installation work, three-dimensional, multi-media, sculptural work, collaborative projects and 3D work. We show art that tells your story - your life experience or perspective, your vision, your cultural or spiritual inspiration. You may have trained in an art field, but for some reason wandered off the beaten track and further into work which gains meaning because of your world view, or logic rather than a set of externally held values.

To discuss shows and possibilities, please contact ROAR! gallery or download the appropriate documentation to submit a proposal:

Submission Proposal PDF

Artwork Form PDF